Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

S'mores Anyone??

I frequent this blog often and most of the time I agree.  This time I have to say I am not in complete agreement.  I like his idea about keeping the light on but as far as the child dressing up like a ghost I would have to disagree.  For the past two years we as a family have trick or treated but this year we have decided to opt out.

The other night we had our first talk with the girls about halloween.  It was great, real and an honest talk.  We discussed witches, ghosts, and all the creepy things we see out there.  Of course they were shocked to find out there are real witches and ghosts, which I can understand because we are always telling them the things they see on TV is just pretend or the person dressed up is just pretend.  One thing I don't want for my children, is to be ignorant or desensitized to the very real evil that is out there. Proverbs 8:13  We also told them that we need to make sure we are glorifying God in all that we do including the things that we put on our body.  So for our family spooky costumes are out.  Contrast to all things spooky, we were able to share with our girls how mighty and strong our God is and that He is the light that cast out darkness.  It's always their sweet innocent questions and comments that are my favorite.

Soooo having said all that... this year we have decided to not only stay home and keep the light on, we are going to sit out front and let the Lord bring our neighbors to us.  The one time of year, they come to us.  We are praying conversations will start and future gatherings will come out of this.  We are going to get the fire pit out and make s'mores and maybe if we are lucky a neighbor will join us.  We are brain storming as to what we will hand out to all the cute little trick or treaters.  Who knows, maybe this will become a tradition and each year our neighbors will know our family will be sitting out in front waiting to share our s'mores.  

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