Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Thrifting...More Projects

So I love thrift stores and all but for some reason I have never been to Goodwill.  I drop stuff off there but never go in.  Not sure why???  Today, I went in.  So glad I did!!  So excited for the little things I found....
Look at these darling little mason jar salt and pepper shakers.  I think they are going to be perfect for our soon to be new back patio dining.  $.99
 I took a picture with my phone so you can see how cute and small they are. 
So our bathroom has needed a waste basket for sometime now.  $5.00 Perfect huh!  And yes, of course this is getting some paint.  Probably a dark charcoal gray spray paint...We'll see. 
Recently I was in Newport and I went into this little AMAZING home decor shop.  It was really pricey!!  But man did they have some incredible stuff.  I did make it out of there with a little piece for my home, I will post that later but something else there caught my eye. These awesome brass candle sticks painted.  I didn't want to spend $30 per candle stick sooooo of course I was now on a mission...project # 56! Wish I had taken a picture of the candle stick in the decor shop.  They were kind of like this...
Well thank you Goodwill!  One for $5 and the other for $4.  I have not decided what color they are going to be yet but I am sure they'll pop up in a future post with some color on them.
 And then I saw this.  Didn't really have a big need for it but I loved it and thought it would be a great serving piece for the new patio dining. It's not that big, maybe 9 or 10 inches wide.  I can picture dinner rolls in it or napkins or maybe some popcorn?  Who knows?  What matters is it's totally cool! and metal! and only $6
Okay, I saved the BEST for last!!!!  So after I was done at Goodwill I went next door to the thrift stores I usually go to.  I saw this great idea.  Thanks to Ginger D. for "liking" this site on her FB.  That site lead me to this site where I saw some picture and of course the wheels started to turn.  As if I don't have enough projects!!!!  But I do want candles hanging over my dining table outside.  Okay here is the pics I saw...
Great idea huh.  I am not totally into the ladder, even though it is totally cute.  I was looking for something metal...of course!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would come across something so AWESOME as this!!!!
And look it's already rusted and has thingamajigers so it can be hung. 
I am so in love!!!
Oh and Ginger, I told you I would check for you too.  I did see some stuff that might work.  Not wooden ladders but some old wooden stuff that could probably be turned into something that looks like a wooden ladder.

UPDATE:  I wrote this post late last night.  When I woke up this morning I found these!!!!  YAY!  Something to hang from my new metal piece.
I found them on this site.  Love that site!!  I ordered 2 each which came to $28.00 but I had a $20.00 credit.  Waahooo!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ugh! Public Restrooms


Public restrooms are so gross!   Knowing what my own kids have done in public bathrooms makes me never want to go in one.  Today is no exception!!!  It's inevitable, even though my 3 year old is pretty much potty trained, whenever she gets into the water she poops!!!  Seriously, what is it with her and water???  She's swimming one minute and the next she gives me this look and I know right away what it means.  Well as you can probably guess, I got one of those looks today!  Ugh, sooooo now we are off to the restroom to get cleaned up.  We go into the stall, pull her bathing suite down and dump # 2 in the toilet.  If I'm lucky it lands in the toilet.  So much of the time it lands on the floor and then if I am really lucky she steps in it.  Today was good, it landed where it was suppose to.  This toilet was one of the those that automatically flush.  NOT a big fan of those!  Have you ever bent over to wipe a child and while wiping, the toilet flushes and splash, it goes all over the face???  No? me neither.  Anyway, so after the toilet flushed I took her bathing suite off and started to dunk it in the clean toilet water to get the remains off so I could then take it to the sink and clean it with soap.  Man!!  The life of a mother!!!  So as I was dunking her bathing suite in the water the suite slipped from my hand and seriously!!! not even a nano second later the toilet flushed and her suite was gone!!!!!!!!  It sucked that suite up so fast!  OOOOOPPS!  Madi looked at me with her big eyes and I gasped.  We both just kind of looked at the toilet for a moment in disbelief and then my daughter with her loud but very cute voice said..."OH NO MOMMY, THE TOILET SWALLOWED MY BATHING SUITE!!!!"  We both started cracking up.  I swear, what is it with me and public bathrooms?!?!?  I am really thinking it would be smart to carry disposable gloves and Clorox wipes with me....not sure WHY I have not thought of that until now??

Friday, June 3, 2011

He Pretty Much Nails It

Your Knowledge is limited to what God has revealed...It helps keeps us in our place.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't You Just Love Thrift Stores!!!

This was my recent thrift store find. 


Words from my daughter..."Are you sure about this one mommy?"


Love Love Love the chevron print pillows!!!  This is one of my favorite prints.  One way or another I am going to have a rug with this print.

So now when you come dine with us you will have your own special seat at the dinning table...