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Friday, October 21, 2011

More Fun

Remember these pictures I painted....

Well you know me.  I like change.  I am getting rid of the green, actually it's all going outside on the new back patio.  Anyway, I am doing a minty kind of a greenish lightish aqua.  Haha, did you get that?
So I decided to paint over these pics with a color I thought would go better...
I also added a silver glaze over the top.  I also think it plays well off of the dining table.

Wait until you see the chairs I found off of Craig's list!!  I am in the process of refinishing the wood and the cushions.  Okay, I'll give you a sneak peak...
Totally Mid-Century Modern!!  I am currently working on the one you see on the left.  It took me 2 hrs to take that chair apart!!!  And my hands were killing me!  The fabric I got is the color of my dining table top.  These chairs, once they are done, will find themselves in our family room.
  So you are not going to believe how much I found these chairs for.  I actually found another pair of these chairs here in town and the person was selling them for $225 each.  If you look them up in Ebay you'll see they are listed anywhere between $150-500...depending on the condition.  I found mine on Craig's list in Jeff City MO.  My in-law are in the process of moving here so I thought I would just have these awesome chairs hitch a ride with them.  Okay so are you ready for the price....$50 for BOTH!!!!!!!!!  Whoop Whoop!!
My In-laws are making their final move next weekend and I have been able to find two more amazing finds.  Can't wait to show you!

The other day the girls and I decided to have another painting day.  I purchased two little canvases for the girls to paint on and I myself bought a long canvas to place above my fireplace.  I wanted to do something in grey and yellow since grey is the color running through the house and yellow is my pop color. 

Sorry about the shadows but I didn't want to take it down again.  I think it will look better up there once we have the fireplace sandblasted.  It's not professional but it beats spending hundreds of $'s!! 

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