Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My First Collection

I have come across many women who collect a certain thing(s) or they've inherited a collection from a family member and I've always thought that was special but I've never come across anything I would want to collect or at least love something so much that I would want to store and keep around for a long time.  If you know me, I am the throw away queen!  As soon as I got back from my honeymoon I sold my wedding dress. 

I don't know if I am getting more mature (HA!), more sentimental (double HA!) or if I have just found something I can't take my eyes off of!!  My Grandma use to have a collection of plates that my Aunt now owns.  Every time I am at her house I admire them.  I have told her countless times that I would LOVE to inherit them but considering my Aunt has a daughter who too would love the set, I am pretty sure they will not end up in my cupboards. 

It never dawned on me that this was something I could collect.  My mind just doesn't think that way.  I am constantly looking around my house to see what I could sell, give away or throw away.  Definitely not collect and store!!!

So not that any of you care....but I just thought I would share with you my new collection.  I don't actually own any yet but maybe if family members read this post and just so happens to be on Amazon or in an antique store they can remember me at Christmas and Birthday :).

Just beautiful!!! And so versatile.  It's called Hobnail opps...thanks Mom.  It is called Imperial Candlewick.

I feel so grown up and sentimental. 

~And hubby if you are reading this I know collections give you hives. I promise, this will be my only collection ;).   


  1. Started looking already and was told they call it Imperial Candlewick....looked it up and looks just like the pic you showed.....let me know what pieces you are interested in!!!!

  2. That's SO crazy... I just inherited two of this huge beautiful platters from my grandmother. You're right, they are so versatile and I've been able to use them several times already. Enjoy yours!!