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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh, how I love Craigs list!!

So check this chair out I found here locally on Craig's list. 
It's a Carbon chair which retails for $600 at CB2 and that is for the modern version.  This is the Mid-Century Modern version.  Whoop Whoop. 

I went to go take a look at the chair and the older gentleman who owned it was the cutest man ever.  He had the biggest pop belly with suspenders.  He lived on a farm with all kinds of animals.  The girls were very excited!  They got to pet horses, donkeys and mini horses. 
The owner was having a yard sale that day and when we walked up I spotted my chair.  In an e-mail he had told me the chrome was in good condition...poor man, he must need glasses.  It was crusty and rusted.  He wanted $50 for it which was good for this type of chair.  I offered $40 despite the fact it was all rusted.  I am always up for a good challenge.  As I was taking the chair away the gentleman says..."do you know the name of this chair" "no sir, I don't"  (at least the Mid-Century name)  He told me I should check into it because he was told it was worth quite a bit since it was vintage.  I still have yet to do the research.
So, wanna know how to turn a chrome rusted chair into a shiny new one...take tin foil, dip it into water and scrub.  The chrome looks brand new!!!  Of course I was sooooo bad at taking the before pic with all of the rust.  I was just so excited to get it outside and start working on it.  And then I of course had the cushions re-done as well...
It's white with sliveryish/grayish.
I am totally stoked!!! Score!

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