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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back Patio is Almsot Done...YAY!!!

We finished the back patio ceiling this morning.  Tomorrow we are doing stucco for the back wall and then we will move the furniture out.  Whoop Whoop! 
We were going to go with the ordinary dry wall for the ceiling but then we thought...since when did we just do the ordinary thing?  I began to rack my brain and since we love the Urban look I thought some kind of metal would look great but, the cost would not be so great though.  I started to look around at junk yards and Craig's list.  I found a guy at a metal junk yard who had a bunch of used corrugated metal sheeting from a barn for a really great price!!!  Metal, rusted, used, good price... Man, did I do the happy dance!!!  I was sooooooooo excited!  This junk yard was heavenly!!  I could have bought so much stuff.  I actually ended up buying some J metal that is totally cool and rusted...they are awesome!  I am going to use them as picture shelves.
Anyway, like I said we finished the metal ceiling and I am over the moon!  I am so in love with it. 

Now I just need to find some cool industrial looking fans.

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