Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going Green...I mean Orange

So I have this event coming's a Moroccan themed event and I have been trying to plan out my outfit and make-up.  I have not bought make-up in a LONG time since I have soooo much.  Last night I decided to go see what the new trends are and see if I could get some make-up to go with the colors I am wearing for the evening...dark gray and orange.  This is how the night went down.  I will just share with you some of my conversation I had last night with my cousin.....

me texting her..."got talked into buying orange lipstick tonight!!!  I am such a sucker! 'oh u look so beautiful in that color' "really, ok, I'll take it"  ugh!!

my cousin..."Oh no!! Can u return it?  Someone tells us we look beautiful and we're sold!  I've bought lovely orange tones before too...not so good!!

me..."no no, it's not orange tones...IT'S ORANGE!!!  She said it's so in and it looks so good with my eyes.  and yes, i can return it.  Oh and did i tell u i bought the orange blush to go with it???  i'm a desperate mom who never gets out and now when i do go out i will look like an orange!!

I then sent her a picture so I will give you one too...

her response..."HAHA!! Oh that's just terrible Jeni! So awful and orange! But trust me I can relate!  My big outting was Target yesterday (by myself) and it felt like a vacation."

I never thought about this, but we are prey.  Stay at home moms, who have no clue as to what is going on out there (not that that's a bad thing!!).  I never thought me, the use to be make-up artist, would be in this predicament.  Kind of funny, kind of humbling, and I'm kind of okay with it.  

Anyway, I gave the orange a test, what do you think???

It kind of looks red.  Believe me when I say...IT'S ORANGE! 

BTW...Jaime, it looks so much better on you! 


  1. it is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. LOL

  2. Cate! I'll show you next time I see you. I promise it is more orange in person. Maybe this type of make-up is for photography lol!

  3. I think the lipstick looks pretty... I do think the orange blush may be too bright though.

  4. funny cause i like the blush more than the lipstick. I put the blush on more so it would show up in the pic, so it is a bit to bright.

  5. Have you ever seen Susan Tuten's orange toes?

    They are the ULTIMATE ACCESSORY!

  6. um ya, no.......