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Friday, February 18, 2011

A little Home Decor Fun

So I have been having fun doing some decorating.  I found a really cool mirror and yes I am a dork, I forgot to take a before picture but I do have the after shot.  If you can imagine a run down, dirty,  creamy in color mirror.  Add a little gray glossy spray paint and waa laa  (sorry the pic came out a little blurry)

Then, I found a really cool Hollywood Regency style screen in gold.  I love some of the glam found in Hollywood Regency so I thought I would try to bring some of that in with the contemporary stuff we have.

Of course I was not going to keep it gold!!  So I spray painted it a lime green to bring more of the green out in that crazy chair I have.  I am hanging the screen in my dinning room for now but not sure if that is where it's going to stay.
I am now on a mission to find a really cool door for my storage room, the room off of the living room.  We want the door to glide open like a barn door along the wall.  I want it to be a hanging piece of art.  Here is a picture of the room off to the left.  And to the left of that you can see I painted the new door that goes to the outside in chalk board paint.   The kids love it!  Now I want to collect cool magnets.

Anyway, I found some pictures of doors that I absolute love for the gliding door.  Now I just have to find them and at an affordable price.  Totally down for refinishing the door too if that makes it cheaper.

My favorite one is the last one.  If anyone knows where in the world I could find a door like these, maybe a place that sells antique doors, please let me know!

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