Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Monday, May 31, 2010

So Not Worthy!!!!

Today Olivia crawled up into my lap and while we were cuddling I said "Oh honey, what are you going to be like when you grow up?"

She said...."Just like you mom"  

I love this song....always brings tears to my eyes.  My favorite line in the song is.....(sniff, sniff)....."The truth is plain to see she was sent to rescue me."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Dimple Forever and Ever!!!!!!

Ever since Grace was born she has had this dimple on her left cheek.  When she smiles and laughs you can see it.  The dimple melts my heart!!!!!

And ever since she was born I have always kissed that dimple and told her that the dimple belongs to mommy.  Even when she goes off and marries her prince, I told her the dimple will still belong to mommy.....always and forever.  Forever and ever and ever and ever my dimple!!!

Daddy jokes with Grace and says "give daddy your dimple" just to get a rise out of me and sometimes Grace will agree, again to get a rise out of me.  Well the other night Grace was hanging with her daddy and I was not around and she said "Daddy, if mommy dies I will give my dimple to you"

So cute!

I love that God gave her that dimple.  I like to think God gave her that dimple just for me. 

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Precious Gift, A Miracle, A Reward!!! Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!

She was the smile during some very hard times, the joy and blessing when we thought we would never get out of the pit.  She will always remain our reminder that God ALWAYS ALWAYS in control and that He is a God that loves to give good and perfect gifts. 

Monday, May 17, 2010


The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Zac Smith stepped into eternity and went home to be with Jesus on Sunday, May 16, 2010.

Letter to Zac from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

Something Zac recorded a while ago.  Good message.....convicting!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One of Daddy's Favorites Songs.

 Singing our praise songs tonight and they wanted to sing Daddy's favorite.  I had to record this cause it was melting my heart!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Before we had made the decision to home school we had put Olivia in a preschool.  Olivia's teacher was a God send for me during some really tough times dealing with adoption attachment issues.  I became very close to the teacher so we decided to let Grace enjoy a year with this precious teacher. 

This past Thursday was Gracie's last day. 

After the very cute ceremony there was a water party her sisters joined in on.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It May Be A Secondary Issue But It Still Needs To Be Discussed

If you look under the lists of blogs I have listed you will see "Lawn Gospel."   His blog has been a wealth of information, scripture and wisdom for me at a time I was searching.    I have read and tested read and tested and I still have yet to find untruth.  No pedestal....... just a man who I feel is very educated in this area.  If you choose to go onto his blog this is WHERE you can read the countless articles he has written on the matter.

Although I do believe this is a secondary issue next to the gospel which is primary, I also believe this topic is not being addressed enough or at all in the home or at church which is very sad.  How and when we grow our family is a very important issue.  Growing up in a Christian family it was never discussed, nor was is discussed in our church.  Having already talk to my parents about this, I now know the reason it was not discussed in our home....... It was never discussed in their home nor their churches.  Generation to generation of not discussing. 

There are Primary Physicians and then there are Specialist, they both are very important to the body.  I believe Lawn Gospel is a Specialist.  Not to be misunderstood though......if we do call ourselves Christian then we all need to specialize in the gospel.

He (Lawn Gospel) recently posted this and I thought it was well stated. I keep telling him I am waiting for his book to come out.

  • 1) I affirm that God is the author and creator of Life, that no child is conceived apart from His active work in sovereignly creating a body and soul at the instance of conception. (Psalm 139)
  • I deny that conception is the mere biological by-product of human sexual intercourse.
  • 2) I affirm that the Bible teaches that fruitful sex within marriage is a good thing. I further affirm that certain texts teach that children are a heritage from the Lord, and that the fruit of the womb is a reward. (Psalm 127)
  • I deny that the Bible teaches that children are only sometimes a reward, but are other times predominantly burdensome or inconvenient. I further deny that the Bible teaches an idea of sex that is intentionally barren.
  • 3) I affirm that everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. (1 Timothy 4)
  • I deny that context determines the goodness of a gift of God, and that context determines if such a gift can or should be rejected.
  • 4) I affirm that God is sovereign over all things, including conception.
  • I deny that God’s sovereignty removes our responsibility to act in accordance with his will and not contrary to it. I further deny the hyper-calvinistic assertion that “if God wanted us to get pregnant, he would find a way around our birth control”.
  • 5) I affirm that the Bible teaches Christians to be both wise planners and faithful stewards.
  • I deny that the idea of “family planning” is a biblical concept. I further deny that the rejection of a gift can be considered faithful stewardship.
  • 6) I affirm that God has given to mankind the gift of medicine.
  • I deny that birth control is a proper and biblical use of medicine, if medicine is  to prevent and treat disease, since that would imply and respond to pregnancy as a disease rather than a naturally healthy state.
  • 7) I affirm that it can be considered “normal” for married couples to conceive.
  • I deny that such an idea of “normal” gives us license to presume upon the blessings and gift of God in children, and see no difference in declaring that we will go into such and such a city, and buy and sell and make a profit. (James 4)
  • 8 ) I affirm the fact that the Bible is not solely a list of prohibitions, but is rather a historical-redemptive revelation of Jesus Christ complete with mandates, commands, examples, precedents, prohibitions, counsel, etc.
  • I deny that the absence of a direct prohibition in Scripture is equal to acceptance or condoning of the use of contraception, especially in light of the many related mandates, commands, examples, precedents, counsel, etc.
  • 9) I affirm that there are philosophical and historical links between contraception and abortion – both in the West and in human history in general.
  • I deny that contraception and abortion are vitally linked to the point that they can not be helpfully separated for the sake of conversation. I further deny that individuals who agree with contraception are necessarily in agreement with the philosophical and historical links to abortion.
  • 10) Finally, I affirm that a sinner is justified by faith alone in Jesus Christ, apart from works.
  • I deny that because contraception is not a “gospel issue” that its morality is therefore outside the bounds of serious Christian conversation, conviction, and consideration.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Need To Get Over Myself

It's about loving your neighbor as yourself.

God of Wonders

God you are a God of wonders.  You are a sovereign God with a great and glorious plan. You breathed life into me and set a path before me.  When I ponder your massive creation and even think for one second that I have the right to stress or fear anything I realize I have made you smaller than my puny brain.  Forgive me for my wondering thoughts.  I pray that I would take every opportunity to look around me and appreciate your mighty hand and trust you daily with YOUR creation.  You are Holy and I say that with great respect because I can't even begin to understand your holiness!  I am humbled you would call me your own.  Today tomorrow and forever is yours and I fear not. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Special Treat For Mother's Day

It was a special treat for Mothers Day to dedicate our sweet baby Madi to the Lord in front of witnesses. 
Madi: A High Tower
Elizabeth:  Oath of God 
Her scripture verse:  The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God.  Psalm 18:2

Here is the Video..We were asked to prepare prayers for our children so that is what you are seeing......Skip to 3:24.

A Real Princess!!!!! And Baby Bunnies.....

How flipping cool is this!!!!  For school/ Co-Op today the girls got to meet a real Princess from Nigeria.  Thanks Cate for introducing us.  What an honor and pleasure to have met her!!!!  I was so giddy inside!  I think it was the little girl inside of me, soooooo excited to meet a REAL Princess WOW!!  Seriously we have the best Co-Op ever.


Remember the other field trip we took...... all the bunnies, chickens and so forth?  Well a bunny had babies.  So thank you Mrs. Harris for sharing the mom and baby bunnies with us.  Madi got to be apart of Co-op today.  SHE LOVED IT!!!  And she loved Mrs. Harris!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Someone at my husbands work gave this movie to us.  He said "You've got to watch this movie, it is soooooo good".  Of course it peaked my husbands interest and too, we have heard from a lot of people, even believers that the movie was really great.  Soooo we watched it last night.  I knew I was going to struggle throughout the movie cause I am such a realist and Fiction movies are not my thing.  Boy did I ever struggle!!!!  In so many ways.  Everything about this movie is wrong.  I am not a film critic and I never could be, but you don't need to be a film critic for this one, being a Christian with bit of discernment will do.

People in this lost world want to believe in something so bad........ just not Jesus.  We have friends that believe in aliens, not Jesus.  We also have friends who are so earthy, don't kill a tree/ save the animals.... extremist (don't hear me wrong on this, I believe we are to steward the earth God gave us) but this movie will only encourage that type of extreme thinking. 

Set your mind on the things that are above, not on the things that are upon the earth. Colossians 3:2

As heaven and earth are contrary one to the other, both cannot be followed together; and affection to the one will weaken and abate affection to the other.  ~Matthew Henery

To say the least this movie is from the pit of hell.  I know I am going to ruffle some feathers out there with this one but this movie has the potential to draw people further from the truth and that to me is demonic.  I know these statements are strong but what else would you call it?  This movie deals with false worship/ idols, becoming one with the earth and animals.  I know some believers will say, "but it's James Cameron and he is not a believer" and "it is just suppose to be a fun movie with great affects."  If you are a believer saying that, please do not say that to the unbelieving world.  Let the unbelieving world know why this movie is fiction and not just because it has blue people in it.

What also bothered me about the movie....... it makes the Govt. look like the bad guys.  Do I agree with the Govt. we have right, but we as believers are called to honor and pray for our Govt....... not rebel. 

A lot of believers have seen this movie and I have not heard bad things about it, which is sad.  Good comments have cycled all over Facebook, believers and non believers.  I am not seeing the difference between the believing world and the non-believing world.  These are great opportunities we need to take hold of!!!!!

I do believe God can use anything to bring Glory to Himself...ANYTHING!  This movie is a good example.  I just hope the Christian will be ready to explain why this movie does not sit well with him.

I don't agree with everything Marc Driscoll has to say but this one we are in agreement.......

Tolerance is the virtue of a man with out conviction.  ~G.K. Chesterton