Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Cherish the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days."

I heard that saying a while ago and I loved it.  These precious days do go by fast and the proof is in the pictures!  It amazes me to see how much my babies have grown. 

Today was a chore day and I loooove chore days!  My girls have come so far.  Where once I was doing all the cleaning, now my almost six year old is mopping and my 5 year old is begging to mop.  I love their eagerness in wanting to help mommy.  My almost six year old honestly thinks she is ready to marry her prince now that she can mop.  Seriously!!  Can you believe that!?!?  

While doing chores you will always find us rocking out to our praise and worship music and it never fails a great conversation is always around the corner which starts with a sweet question or comment.  I think it just depends on what the girls are hearing around them that causes their little brain to think which then leads to a comment or question.   Today's topic was adoption.  I love that my children call my uterus my womb.  My middle child was dusting picture frames and while doing so she was admiring the pictures in them which led to... "mom, maybe God will open your womb again or maybe not?  Maybe it will be closed and we can adopt another baby who needs to come home.  Maybe he or she will be born in a hospital close to us or maybe a hospital that is far from us."  I love love love that they are thinking about this, talking about it, and praying about it.  I am so blessed by their sweet innocent questions and comments. 

I treasure these conversations, I live for these conversations, I couldn't imagine missing out on these conversations, I would be so sad if these conversations were with someone else. 

This to me is true education!


I wrote that post yesterday, so last night when I was updating hubby on our daughters sweet comment we were both wondering if her comment would have been the same if all our daughter heard when people asked us if we were done with children "oh gosh yes!  We are so done!  No more kids for us!!"  

Yesterday we were at the gym and I ran into my old spin instructor as I was walking out with my children.  She said "oh I didn't realize you had 3!  I bet you are so done!"  I could tell you she was not expecting to hear what I had to say after that.  It was so great because we ended up talking for 15 minutes longer.  She asked questions and I got to share a bit of our story.  My instructor asked where I found my faith?  She said she was wowed by my faith and asked if it was something I found within myself (HA! if only she knew how depraved I was!) or if it came from something else?  So amazing that I got to share all of this in front of my children.  They got to hear me share a bit of the gospel along with the fact that my children are such a blessing and that we would be honored to have more if God saw fit.

We may all believe that children are a blessing but, what are we as Christians communicating to the world...More importantly, what are we communicating to our children?   "Oh gosh no, we are soooo done; I think I would go crazy if I had more; The children I have is already too much;  I am already going crazy, why would I want to add to that." And on and on. 

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