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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo Shoot......Updated

So Scottsdale Mom Blogs was advertising that Boon Co. (a company that sells baby products) was looking for baby models.  I replied to the baby model search with a couple of Madi's photos not even thinking for one second anything would come of this and this is what I received today via e-mail.....

Madi is just adorable. We would love to use her for the photo shoot. We have an opening tomorrow and Friday as well as next week. Please call me at so we can schedule a time that works for you.


Hmmm, this could be fun, or not???  Don't even know what to expect.  Not sure how this is going to work since it is so hard for me to get Madi to smile???  

Wish us luck!  

 My little goof ball!!!


Up Date on the Photo Shoot.

So, I called them late this morning and they said they were actually on scene and wanted us to come down by 11:30 am.  That gave me one hour to get everyone ready. YIKES!

We went and we had fun!  I am a complete DORK though because I forgot my camera!!!!  I could kick my self.  

Madi did great!  She got to advertise some really awesome products!!  One was this empty bean bag that you fill with your stuffed animals.  Is that genius idea or what!?!?  It's a place to put the stuffed animals, get them out of the way not to mention, now you have a seat for the child.  I WANT ONE!!  Why didn't I think of this???  
It was really cute because Madi was bouncing,and laying on it while laughing the whole time.  They were so excited she was doing that.  Great opportunities for some great shots.  They also put this other cute girl in the shot and tried to get them to play together but that didn't last too long. 

The next thing was this very cool high chair along with some organizational stuff.  They had Madi sit in it up at the counter top with the organizational stuff and had her coloring pictures while taking shots of her.  She loved it. 
 It was a fun experience and I'm grateful we got to be a part of it.  Something fun to put in the baby book. They took a bazillion shots. Not sure when I will ever get to see the pictures?  

Oh and they sent me home with some really cool stuff...
 This grass thing is sooooooo way cool.  Glad I got it!
 They actually had put markers and different art stuff in it.  I also saw a picture of it with flower sticking out of it and it was being used as a center piece. Very excited because these things fit well in our modern house.


  1. What a fun opportunity. Maybe you'll even walk away with some free professional photos. You've got nothing to lose with that adorable face of hers!!! Looking forward to hearing how the experience turned out...

  2. My friend has that high chair, it is very cool and modern :) just like you! ha!

  3. Love Boon! It was started by an ASU student! Maddi is an adorable model...I hope you'll post some of the pics from the shoot if they let you.