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Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Credenza...Take 3

The third one is always a charm!!

A couple weeks ago I found these two amazing Mid- Century dressers on Craig's list.  The guy had just listed them and knowing they would go really fast I called him right away.  The girls and I hitched the trailer and we left to go pick them up.  He was selling them both for $95.00.  Whoop Whoop!!  This older man just thought he was selling some old dressers...not knowing this kind of stuff goes like hot cakes!!  As I was driving there he called me to confirm I was on my way because he was getting so many calls on them.  I knew when I saw these dressers this was going to be the DIY Credenza I had long waiting for.  The set consisted of two (one long and one short) dressers.  In this picture I had already removed the legs. 
 The dressers were old and the wood was dry and dull.  The top had a laminate top but that was okay because I was going to be painting it anyway.
 Here is the smaller one with the legs.
 I lightly sanded all of the drawers and gave them a good coat of Danish Oil.  Look at the difference!  Love it!!!

 There were quite a bit of chips, nothing wood filler couldn't take care of.  You would never know now there were chips.

While I was working on the dressers my girls were busy finding treasure around the yard.  They made necklaces with the treasures. DIY necklace with rusted washer lol.

 Here is the almost finished product.  I painted the sides and top white.  You'll notice the legs are different.  As much as I liked the white legs I thought it might look better with some satin legs.  The white legs reveal that it's a mid- century piece, not that that's a bad thing, but my eyes seem to go right to the legs and that wasn't really the look I was going for.  I thought the satin legs modernized it more and now the attention was no longer on the legs

 The Finished Product...

 I love it so much!  I love how long it is, I love the color, I love that I didn't spend $3000 (that is what my dream credenza cost) and I love that I got to work on it with my own hands...makes me appreciate it all the more!!
I have been waiting and waiting for that perfect piece for this wall.  At times I was tempted to just go buy something because I never thought I would find the right length, color etc...But just like everything else, I knew if I waited long enough, eventually I would find something.  It's better than I had hoped for!  So thankful!!  Okay, I just noticed my lamp shade is crooked in these pics...gotta go fix it.

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