Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Recent CA Trip

The girl and I recently got to travel with hubby on one of  his business trips to San Diego.  Even though we hit a major snow storm driving there which nearly gave me a heart attack and it rained while we were there, we still managed to have fun! 
                                                   snow storm.  Crazy huh!!

After a few days in SD hubby had to fly to Sacramento so the girls and I drove to North Hollywood to visit our friends.  So Fun!!  Dawn lives by some amazing thrift stores that were calling my name.  It was like the mother ship calling me home lol!  There was a street of several mid-century stores.  I was dying!!  They were all pretty pricey but I'm sure if I had time to pick thru everything I might have found a good deal.  It was mid-century heaven.  So many pieces.  I was drooling.  Here is an example of how much some mid-century chairs cost

So as Dawn and I were roaming the stores I came across a piece and FREAKED out because it was a piece I had just bought!!!  here is the one we saw in the store.  It had been painted which means it is no longer in original form.  It was nice but COME ON $650!!! Seriously?!?!?!
                           Here is the one I just bought. 
It was listed for $99 at a local thrift store by me.  I was able to talk her down to $89.  Yeah, I am pretty much doing the happy dance once again. 

I have also been looking for a certain mid century bench that I can recover.  I did find one on e bay for $80 but after shipping it was not worth it.  I also found one at the local thrift store by me for $90...UMM, I don't think so!!  Dawn took me into this huge thrift store that was, um, a bit shady.  I walked in and defiantly did not think I would find anything!  Wellllll, guess what!!  See the price!!  $11.95 with tax.
The streets are lined with vintage/ thrift stores.
I love little girls!!

Dawn, I'm coming back and I am bringing my trailer!!



  1. Anytime! It really is fun to see you in your element. You are such a fabulous designer.

  2. You are such a great bargain hunter! So impressed :)

  3. Dawn, you are way too kind. You are great to shop with, you inspire!

    Becca, wow thank you! Coming from the bargin hunter queen (you)! Im flattered.