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Monday, January 24, 2011

Somthing to Think About

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I grew up in the youth ministry and for a while worked for the youth ministry.  Sad to say a lot of the kids I grew up with have walked away from the faith.  And unfortunately I have seen youth staff and teachers walk away from the faith as well.  It was exciting for a while but the entertainment of it all does not last.
Most will defend the youth ministry and yes, God will bring good out of it all, but, for sure I think there is something to think about or re-think.
And just to put this out there...this is not to slam the teachers out there.  I know a lot of great youth teachers out there who have great intentions and a heart for the youth.

I know it is a very tough subject especially in this culture.  Listen to the research, it is surprising.

Go right to the 3rd Video, he immediately starts the video on this topic.  All three are recommended though! 

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