Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy (late) Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  So much to be thankful for!!!  It feels good to finally have a chance to sit down at the computer.  I actually don't have a chance... I have one child to the right of me doing her spelling and the other to the left of me reading...and if you know me, it is soooo hard to do things with distractions. So if this post is choppy you'll know why. 

Update on Gabby...We did go to jail to visit her but there was no record of her???  Not sure if she is lying to her boyfriend or what?  My prayer is that she went back home and got off of the streets. 

We have gone back out and met some more precious people.  The girlfriend I have been going out with, her and I are thinking it might be best if we worked with an organization.  Our husbands agree that it would be safer too.  The streets are not exactly the best place for women to go out and witness.  We will continue to keep food bags in our cars and there is a spacific married couple we will continue to visit but for now I think our street days are over.

SO....onto a totally different subject... You know I love my projects!  And of course I am never without a one.  Many of you have asked me..."what the heck are the kids doing while you are busy doing your projects???"  That is the nice thing about homeschool!  They are usually right by me asking me a bazillion questions about what I am doing, how I am doing it and why I am doing it?  They also read to me while I am working, or they ride bikes, roller blade, play on the playground, build things, paint...really the list is endless.  Here is a picture of one of them as I worked in the garage....
Is this not the cutes thing ever!!!  I was sanding one of my latest projects and she went inside, grabbed her sleeping bag and enjoyed a nice nap in the cool air.  She slept there for atleast and hour and a half.

Thanksgiving was really nice.  We had my parents and hubbys whole family here.  It was also Neals dads 60th birthday that day.  Once again I got lucky and didn't have to cook the meal.
 That was a tasty bird!!

The girls loved playing with their cousins..
And of course we can't go a day without the computer?!?! 

Here is a picture of Neals family...His parents, brothers, sister and their families.
I really love Thanksgiving.  I love the food but most of all...I love that it's just a day to really enjoy the best blessing of all...FAMILY!!! 

Well I saved the best for last.  If you have actually made it to the bottom of this post then you get to see what Grace got as an early Christmas present....
Thats right...another dog!  You know, it's just not crazy enough around here!  Question: What do you give a lazy child?  Answer: A responsibility. 
His name is Boo and we of course rescued him.  He is a 2 years old cockapoo.  He is really cute.  After we brought him home we soon realized he is a horney little thing.  Our other dog is a female and my parents dog is a female.  He thinks my parents dog is reeeeally pretty.  We are having that issue fixed this week.  Speaking of which, I'll end on a funny story.

So I brought boo home and quickly gave him a bath.  He was matted with knots and very dirty.  After washing him I got busy cutting off all of the knots.  He had a lot of knots on his tummy.  There was a pretty big one I kept pulling on and moving back and forth so that I could get under it and cut it off.  Welllll, after all the tugging and moving I finally realized it was not a knot!!  Poor little guy.  I am not use to having a boy dog!!

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