Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why It Took So Long To Get To The Mall

 The girls were getting some special time in with their second cousin, Carissa, in from Tucson. A lot of cuddling on the couch, watching movies and painting nails.  My girls are in LOVING it!

I was able to finished the BEST BOOK EVER!!!!  Can't wait to read this again with my daughters!!

Then I had a break through with my RAD daughter.  I was getting ready in my bathroom when Grace walked in and was crying over the fact that Olivia had hurt her feelings (a bit annoyed cause it seems like all the girls do is fight).  Grace shared with me that Olivia had yelled at her saying she was stinky and that Olivia was prettier.  I know it sounds like childish stuff, not that big of deal, but if I know my Olivia, there is something going on. When I asked Olivia why she said what she said, she responded with "cause I am mean". And so here is how the rest of the conversation went......
 Me- "No, try again.  There are reasons why we say things like that." "Is your sister stinky?"
Olivia-  "No"  (fingers in the nose, rubbing the nose, poor eye contact)
Me- "Well are you prettier then your sister?"
Olivia- "No".  (fingers in the nose, etc...)
Me- "Thats right, cause God makes all things good."  "God says you are both wonderfully made." " So you lied to her, right?" 
Olivia-"Yes"  (rubbing nose, etc...)
Me- "Were you mad, frustrated, or sad...."
Olivia- (thinking, thinking, thinking)
Me- " Do you need some time to think about why you said that....."  
Olivia- "Nooooo," (hating the fact that she may have to sit in her room by herself to think about things)..... "I was mad at her"
Me- "Ok........ why were you mad at her?"
Olivia- (thinking, thinking, smirking, fingers in the nose, rubbing nose.....some of you know what I am talking about) and then finally she says....."because I told her I wanted to race with her putting on our clothes and Grace said no, now was not the time to race but that we could race putting on our seat belts once we got in the car."  So I called Grace back into the room to verify the story and she did.  So I continued on.....
Me- "So Olivia you were upset with Grace because she didn't do what you wanted her to do? Right?"
Olivia- "right" (fingers in the nose, rubbing the nose, smirking)
Me- "so then you got angry with your sissy, yelled and lied to her, right?"
Olivia- "right."  (fingers in the nose, rubbing the nose, smirking)
Me- "You both know that mommy gets upset when I ask you to do a task and then you start to get hyper and out of control, so Grace I am proud that you made the right choice. Olivia what do you need to say to your sister?"

Olivia, with a smirk on her face, (me holding her hands to keep them out of her nose) told her sister she was sorry for lying to her, for tempting her to be hyper and not complete her task and for her anger (by yelling at her).

After the apologies I put Olivia's little face in my hands, looked straight into her eyes and with a gentle, loving but disappointed, sad voice, told her she had wounded her sisters heart and then preceded to show her what a true, humble apology could look like.  I asked her if she loves her sister and she of course said yes.  I reminded her of the verse we memorized together, about building others up (Eph. 4:29). I told her that her smirky little apology did not seem to come from her heart, but that was between her and God, the God who sees our true heart.

I was in the kitchen with Grace and a few moments later Olivia walked out, completely bawling her eyes out, real broken tears.  I asked her what was wrong, she said she was really sad that she hurt her sisters heart and that she loves her sister.  I told her to turn around and look at her sissy so that she could tell her herself, so she did.  Grace then began to cry as Olivia was repenting, they hugged and Olivia bawled on Graces shoulder.  I began to cry and Carissa who was watching the whole thing was in awe.

Repentance and Forgiveness at it's best!!!! What a gift to me to be able to see my daughters so raw and loving.

So now that more than half the day is gone, we still had our intentions of getting to the mall.  We finally jumped in the car and were on our way.  Low and behold something else happened along the way, that took a bit of time, something we did not plan but isn't that the Lord!!!  I have chosen though not to share cause I would rather collect my reward in Heaven. (you understand!)

So we are back on track and we arrive at the mall.  For a long time the girls have been begging me to be able to get some money out of their piggy banks so they could buy some new earrings.  So we had a little money lesson (oh I forgot that part, that also kept us from jumping in the car when we wanted to) and now they both have 5 dollars and some change.  We went to this new place called Charming Charlies (YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!)  and lucky for the girls they had this $1.00 section.  Next stop was Victoria Secrets.  Carissa wanted to buy her sister a particular perfume so we walked right back to the lotion part of the store.  While Carissa was checking out the lotions and potions my girls were checking out the lip gloss that just so happened to be 75% off.  They asked the clerk how much the lip gloss was, and lucky for them they had some money left over so they could afford it.  We were standing at the check out and the girls were handing the money to the lady (taking an eternity) and I could tell the lady standing behind us was smirking.  I turned around and made a cute comment like "this is my girls first shopping experience, they have been begging me to get money out of their piggy banks"  Thinking ahhh how cute.  Well with that the lady said "and soooooo you brought them to Victoria Secret, my kids are in build a bear."  OH MY GOSH, I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD INSIDE.  I totally just got judged!!!!  If I had some wit, I would have gone into some story about how the thongs didn't quite fit them yet but that they really love the tasty body whip.  I laughed the rest of the day and thought what a great story!!

It was a great day, one to go down in history!  I love my girls to death and I am so grateful for the good the bad and the ugly!  I am  SO thankful that God knows our hearts so that we don't feel like we have anything to prove to anyone.  I also love that He is so gracious with our intentions and yesterday was a good reminder to me that if we are willing, open, and don't rush the day, he is so kind to show us His perfect plan.


  1. You just warmed my heart w/this story.

  2. You're a great story teller. I laughed out loud with the V.Secret comment. Love it!

  3. Love your story! Victoria's Secret was hilarious!!! God Bless your sweet family!