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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Shabby Chic Dresser

More DIY dresser fun.
A mid century, cheap, sad dresser for $30

 The legs on the dresser were so unstable
 The fake wood was chipping away. 
There are some dressers you HAVE to paint.  This dresser was sad!  But after much wood filler, paint, new (old) legs (which I already had and some new handles...
 I decided to accent the drawers with brass handles which I found for smokin deal.  I thought it would add some detail with the birds. I love good knobs/'s like jewelry on a dresser. 

When I purchased the brass handles they were completely brown but I sanded them a bit to bring out the gold which I thought complemented the distressed dresser.

Turned out to be a great dresser.  I was really pleased.
Purchased dresser for $30
handles $40
left over paint 0
Sold dresser to a really cute newly wed couple on CL for $180

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  1. You've done a phenomenal job there! And for only 70 dollars. A nice 110 dollar profit!