Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweet Salvage...

is the name of the place my mom, girls and I visited today.  INSANE!!!!!

Sweet Salvage is the perfect is sweet and about 90% of it is salvage.  If you like that kind of stuff you will be in heaven!  It's pretty big and they have A LOT of stuff!!  It reminds me of Bungalow in Scottsdale but waaaaaaay cheaper. 

Here are some of the pics i snapped while i was walking around. Sorry I took them with my phone so they are not the best pics...
Who in their right mind would stand in a line like that????  Me!...but i have never claimed to be in my right mind!  I waited a total of 63 minutes in line!!!  Honestly, my pictures did not do this place justice. 

So you are probably wondering what the heck did I buy that I would stand in a line for so long...
Instead of typical (because we all know I am not typical!) planters I went with these.  The one on the right is an old rusted (LOVE RUSTED) wash machine bin.

 the one on the right I bought at a different thrift store.  They get pretty pricey if you buy pots at a regular store.  Now that we are landscaping our back yard I am in need of some cool planters.
To show you how big this pot is...  It's pretty big.  I love it so much!!  It's going to look great with all the other rusted stuff I have outside.

 I always wanted one of these but I could never find an S.

For all who have sat at my kitchen island and complained about the very uncomfortable stools I had...I love that these new/old ones add a bit of an urban touch in my house.  I may scruff them up a bit more or maybe paint them???  Actually looking at them now in the pic I think I'll paint the light brown in the middle a different color and leave the rest. 

I did buy one other really cute thing but it's a gift so I can show it...ohh it's so cute.

So, if you decide to go to sweet salvage...

1.  Be prepared to find great stuff!!
2.  Be prepared to deal with a crowd of people and a long line. They told me it's better on the weekend but I find that hard to believe.  They do put out new stuff every night so it shouldn't be too picked over if you decide to wait and go on Sun.
3.  They are only open every 3rd Thur. Fri. Sat. and Sun. of the month
4.  You may want to leave the kiddos at home (my very patient mom and kids sat in the car for an hour while i waited to check out...did i say VERY PATIENT mom and kids.  I treated them to lunch afterwards and begged for their forgiveness lol.)
5. Call me before you go, cause I wanna go back!!!!!

Here is their blog if you want to check them out a little bit more and get directions.


  1. Hi! You are right about the kids. I brought all 3 of mine. Ages 12, 8, and 3. I held the 3 year old most of the time and I see you snapped a pic of my other 2 sitting in their chairs. The pic is 3 up behind the lady with the red pants. They were very patient as Mom waited in line for 40 minutes! Thanks for the photos!
    Kristie B