Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of. ~Charles Spurgeon

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Truly Worth Your Time

I know most of us have busy lives (as a friend of mine puts it..."no time to fart left") (did I just say that???) anyway, if you ever get some time to sit and read, read this!!! 
Such an amazing testimony.  I promise it will encourage you to a greater faith.  It's like a great book...once you start, you won't be able to stop. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rickety Benches

So a little while back our next door neighbor move out of state.  After he left we saw that he had left some stuff in his back yard (yes we peaked, but our fence is low so it's hard not to).  Anyway, my hubby texted him and asked him what his plans were the for the left over stuff... he told us to have at it!!  Yay for us!  My husband got this really nice Rubbermaid shed, which was so great because we were in need of one and we had been searching Craig's list for one.  Then we found a nice set of car tires so we grabbed those, listed them on Craig's list and may a couple hundy!  I also saw a couple old rickety benches I thought I could possible do something with.  They were sun beaten, splintered and dirty...nothing a little sanding and paint couldn't take care of.
Here is a before pic...

Since we are re-doing the back patio I figured we could never have enough seating so I upholstered one to make it more comfy.  I was going to do both but I didn't have enough fabric.  I am kind of thinking I may make a coffee table out of the other one since I am kind of into that worn wood look.  Maybe slap some grey stain on and a piece of glass on top??? 

Anyway, here was my morning project...

I painted the legs white and then sanded them up a bit.  Then I added the foam, batting and fabric.  After a million staples and one very sore thumb....A new bench for my back patio. 

In one of the pictures is one of two chairs that I am going to be using at the farm table (another Craig's list buy and re-do).  And the humongous farm table that is some what in the photo is our dining table for outside but since the back yard is under construction it is in our kitchen.  My house is a bit crowded!!  I have been meaning to post the before and after pics of the table and the crazy sanding/ painting story that goes with it. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Soul Surfer

We finally watched Soul Surfer the other night.  I am glad that I was not expecting much because I would have been really disappointed.  The movie was okay at best.  Acting...two thumbs down, and as far as being a "Christian" movie...well if you consider mentioning God a couple times, having a Christian song in the movie, leaving Christ out of the scripture verse they quoted. etc. etc... luke warm at best!!!  I am a bit disappointed by other Christian organizations recommending this movie.  I shouldn't be surprised, luke warm seems to be the trend.  So many missed opportunities in this movie...such a bummer!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

These guys have a fun job!!!

Now that the concrete slab is gone it was time for the structure to come down.  We all joked about connecting the structure to our contractors truck and pulling it down but we weren't sure if that was the best choice.  Our back patio was not some tin roof that could easily be pulled down.  Once it came to making a decision we decided to choose the more fun approach. After much prep work and one failed attempt we finally did it.  The video does not capture the coolness but you can see it did work and it was fun!!!
Here are some pics along with the video.

Now for the new floor and new structure. Yay!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

More Construction...Back Patio

This weekend consisted of taking out the existing concrete floor. This concrete has been curing for more than 50 years and some of the areas were close to 10 inches thick!!!  Between Dad, hubby and I we were able to rip it out.  I have always wanted to work a jack hammer.  I have to tell you, if God would have made me a boy, I would definently be in construction!

And of course each girl wanted to take a ride in the "tractor"

Our back patio.
After pic.  Whew!!  That was fun!
Now we can rip the structure down. Wait until you see this!!! Some chains, a bobcat and wah lah!  I'll post the video tomorrow.