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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Thrifting...More Projects

So I love thrift stores and all but for some reason I have never been to Goodwill.  I drop stuff off there but never go in.  Not sure why???  Today, I went in.  So glad I did!!  So excited for the little things I found....
Look at these darling little mason jar salt and pepper shakers.  I think they are going to be perfect for our soon to be new back patio dining.  $.99
 I took a picture with my phone so you can see how cute and small they are. 
So our bathroom has needed a waste basket for sometime now.  $5.00 Perfect huh!  And yes, of course this is getting some paint.  Probably a dark charcoal gray spray paint...We'll see. 
Recently I was in Newport and I went into this little AMAZING home decor shop.  It was really pricey!!  But man did they have some incredible stuff.  I did make it out of there with a little piece for my home, I will post that later but something else there caught my eye. These awesome brass candle sticks painted.  I didn't want to spend $30 per candle stick sooooo of course I was now on a mission...project # 56! Wish I had taken a picture of the candle stick in the decor shop.  They were kind of like this...
Well thank you Goodwill!  One for $5 and the other for $4.  I have not decided what color they are going to be yet but I am sure they'll pop up in a future post with some color on them.
 And then I saw this.  Didn't really have a big need for it but I loved it and thought it would be a great serving piece for the new patio dining. It's not that big, maybe 9 or 10 inches wide.  I can picture dinner rolls in it or napkins or maybe some popcorn?  Who knows?  What matters is it's totally cool! and metal! and only $6
Okay, I saved the BEST for last!!!!  So after I was done at Goodwill I went next door to the thrift stores I usually go to.  I saw this great idea.  Thanks to Ginger D. for "liking" this site on her FB.  That site lead me to this site where I saw some picture and of course the wheels started to turn.  As if I don't have enough projects!!!!  But I do want candles hanging over my dining table outside.  Okay here is the pics I saw...
Great idea huh.  I am not totally into the ladder, even though it is totally cute.  I was looking for something metal...of course!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would come across something so AWESOME as this!!!!
And look it's already rusted and has thingamajigers so it can be hung. 
I am so in love!!!
Oh and Ginger, I told you I would check for you too.  I did see some stuff that might work.  Not wooden ladders but some old wooden stuff that could probably be turned into something that looks like a wooden ladder.

UPDATE:  I wrote this post late last night.  When I woke up this morning I found these!!!!  YAY!  Something to hang from my new metal piece.
I found them on this site.  Love that site!!  I ordered 2 each which came to $28.00 but I had a $20.00 credit.  Waahooo!!

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  1. Emma Thompson Found a working type writer for $5.00!!! It is soooo cute!!! And I'm in love with thrift shopping!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!