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Sunday, May 22, 2011

DIY Projects

So, lately I have been sooooo into the whole DIY projects.  I have been inspired by some other web-sites out there. 

There are about 6 projects I have been working on.  I'll start with my paintings...I have never painted a picture before in my life...well I take that back.  I may have painted a picture in kindergarten way back when, not sure if that counts.  So I saw this really cool picture on and thought... I bet I could create something like that.  Why spend $60.00 on each picture when I could spend $14 on two!! Thanks to Hobby Lobby.

 I started with drawing the stencil...
  cutting the Stencil...
I then took the stencil traced it on my canvas, painted it... and wah lah...
Okay, so it's not perfect and maybe it looks like the picture I painted in kindergarten, but it works for this low budget gal.  I didn't realize I already had this print in my house until after the project was done. It's the mail/ keys/ sunglasses/anything else that can fit into it, holder by the door. By the you see butterflies or circles with diamonds???  I saw butterflies. 

The next project...I purchased this really great bookcase from Dawn.  I have been wanting to reorganize the kids toys, puzzles and such.  When I saw this bookcase I instantly got an idea.  Forgive me because I am really bad at taking before pictures but I am going to try to get better because I have many ideas up my sleeve.  So since I don't have a before pic I went on-line to find something close to the color of the bookcase...

I knew when I purchased it I was going to paint it white but I wanted to add some flair to it.  So I decided I was going to find some funky print and wallpaper the back of the bookcase.  HOLY SMOLY!! Wallpaper is so expensive!!  For the type of look I was going for the wallpaper was going to cost anywhere from $75-$100.  No Way!!  So I then  began to brain storm and came up with the thought of finding a cool fabric and putting fabric on the back of the bookcase.  I googled the idea and wah lah... (click on the pic so you can get a closer look at the print)
 I found the fabric at none other than Hobby Lobby (love them!).  I purchased fabric stiffener and rolled that on the back of the bookcase.  I then laid the fabric down and rolled the fabric stiffener on top of the fabric.  Once it dried I cut the extra fabric off with a razor blade.  The great thing is, it was soooooo easy and when I am done with this look it peels off fairly easy and the fabric is reusable after a quick wash.  Yea for plan B!!

So there, 2 of the 6 projects I have been working on.  I will post some more later.  I think I am addicted to DIY projects.  The great thing is, it has inspired my kids.  They copied me in using my stencil and painted their own picture.  I suck because I didn't take a picture of that.  They also have become great little sanders.


  1. you are so creative, jeni. i love these ideas and have been wanting to do stuff like this around our home too. thanks for the inspiration! xo :)

  2. You've pulled your family room together so well! You're making your house even more of a home by putting your own staple on it and your girls are seeing how a little creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way. Bravo girl. oxox